LED Lighting

LED cabinet lighting provides incredible energy efficiency in very compact housings.

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With a life expectancy of 50,000 hours you may never need to replace a bulb again.

Allen provides LED strip lights or puck lights for in cabinet or undercabinet lighting in warm white or natural light to compliment any cabinet.

Using wireless switching and receivers it is easy to control the lighting and dim as desired.

Color changing LED strip lights can provide an amazing effect as halo lighting above cabinets.


Our assembled LED strip lights are only 5/16 high and 3/4 wide and come in lengths from 7” to 46”.

Installations can use a conventional wall switch control.

Using wireless dimmer switching and receivers allows much more flexibility in control of lighting in your kitchen.

Several receivers can be programmed to a single dimmer switch allowing lights on different walls to be controlled with one switch.

Wireless controls saves wiring costs by eliminating the need for wall switches and wiring from switch to each outlet. Want to switch some lights separately? Just add a second dimmer switch and program to that receiver.

Strip lights and puck lights can be combined on the same circuit.