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Kitchen Lighting-  For general lighting we typically specify and use recessed can lights since they can be spaced as needed to illuminate the area with minimal shadowing. 

LED bulbs allow getting more lumens of light from each can light since they generate very little heat so they can be spaced a little farther apart. Color of light is measured in degrees kelvin (K). Warm white is about 3000K and is best for enhancing wood tones. Daylight or natural light is about 4000K and will look better with whites and grays.

LED under cabinet lighting is available in strips that hide under your cabinets and provide a nice even spread of light on the work surface. LED puck lights are great for highlighting display areas. 

Both can be controlled by wireless dimmer switches that minimize in wall wiring and provide greater flexibility in lighting control.

Bathroom Lighting-  Wall sconces left and right of the mirror provide the best facial lighting with fewer shadows. Over mirror lights will provide adequate lighting but will also have more facial shadowing. 

General lighting in the bath is usually achieved with a combination fan-light unit.  For larger bathrooms using recessed can lights works effectively and fan-light units like Broan 744 will look like just another can light. 

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