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Shower Doors

Most showers will require some sort of enclosure/door. Even showers that do not need a door usually will have glass panels. This approach makes the room appear larger than if walls were built and lets light into the shower.

Shower doors can be hinged, pivoting or sliding. Doors trimmed with metal will be less expensive than all glass doors which are typically made with 3/8 thick glass. The less metal the more critical the fit of the door.  

There are a variety of textures for glass panels and doors but most popular is clear. We recommend having a coating applied to the shower side of the glass to encourage water to bead off and leave less spotting. The coating is applied and then the glass is heated to temper it.

Silhouette Sliding Shower Door

Silhouette sliding glass shower door is available in several heights and has a very short track leaving most of the threshold flat.

Steam Shower Enclosure

Steam shower enclosures require that the glass extend up to the ceiling or soffit to contain the steam. Notice the door has an operable panel above that can be left open when not using steam.

Glass Shower Walls

Glass panels create the walls to this walk in shower making the bathroom appear much larger.

Shower Enclosure with Return Panel

Glass enclosures can be configured to accommodate ell shapes and step up panels.

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