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Value of a Designer

As I walked through our Madison showroom recently I noticed a grouping of product samples along with a drawing for a proposed kitchen remodel. There was a cabinet door sample in a gray-brown tone, a quartz countertop sample, a 12x24 floor tile and two versions of glass-stone tile for back-splash.

They looked great together, no matter which back-splash tile was selected!

The floor plan was for a small kitchen with two large windows and multiple doorways but still included added cabinet storage and counter space and an eat in table. A built in table with cabinets against the window wall accommodated the low height of the window and comfortable seating for three or four.

To the right of the window regular height base cabinets were used for a message center and phone charging area. The cabinet above the countertop featured a lower door that pulls out and lifts past the upper door providing convenient storage yet shielding the likely clutter of a message center.

I asked our designer why she didn't propose removing the pantry or hall closet to allow more space for the kitchen. She noted that inside the pantry was a laundry chute that the client absolutely wanted to keep and the closet served the front entry.

Budget was the other consideration she cited. The more we move appliances, change walls or modify cabinet layouts the greater the cost. While every kitchen will probably need electrical changes for outlets and likely lighting, layout changes will add to those costs.

It struck me, 'this is the value of a designer'. A person to listen to your ideas, measure the space (s) available, work out a layout that accomplishes your needs and desires, then select a group of coordinated products that will insure a beautiful and functional outcome while at the same time working to keep the project affordable.

While I can't speak for all dealers, at Allen Kitchen & Bath there is no charge for the consultation, field measuring, design work or quote preparations. Take advantage of these free or low cost services so you can have confidence in the outcome of your project.

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