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3 Misconceptions You Shouldn't Fall for When Remodeling Your Kitchen

If your home needs an updated, fresh look, you should start with the kitchen. The kitchen is often the central part of the home, where families eat dinner together, kids do homework, and guests are entertained. So kitchen renovations can usually give the entire home a bit of a facelift. But it's all too easy to go in the wrong direction when renovating, so let's take a look at a few misconceptions about kitchen renovations. Style is more important than storage: One of the biggest mistakes homeowners make when it comes to kitchen renovations is sacrificing storage space for style. And while it's true that 76% of homeowners change their kitchen's style when renovating, style and storage should go hand-in-hand when remodeling a kitchen. After all, you may have a beautiful kitchen but can you really use it if you have nowhere to put food items, dishware, and everything else you need? So don't neglect storage options when you're renovating. If you keep this in mind, you'll have both a beautiful and functional kitchen space to use. Always go bigger: When re-designing a kitchen space, homeowners tend to always want to go bigger. And while one would think that having a bigger kitchen would be better when it comes to functionality, it isn't solely size you should be focusing on. In fact, you could have an enormous kitchen and still find it difficult to work properly due to a poor layout. So rather than focusing on size alone, make sure to consider the kitchen layout and efficiencies. With proper planning, a moderately sized kitchen can be perfect. Go with what's in style right now: While you should always be mindful of what is currently in style, you should never rely on trends completely. If you base your kitchen design off of current trends only, you're going to find yourself needing kitchen renovations a lot more frequently. So instead, you should choose an overall style that can be slightly changed depending on what's in style. So for example, choosing a design with neutral tones can allow you to add pops of color or change out hardware for different materials depending on what's in style. Hopefully, understanding the truth behind these misconceptions will guide you in the right direction when remodeling. If you keep these tips in mind, you'll have a beautiful new kitchen to show off in no time.

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