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Remodeling Your Kitchen 101: How To Tackle This Major Home Improvement Project (Part 1)

The days when the kitchen was just a secluded room for preparing meals is long gone. Today the kitchen is still a place to prepare meals but it is also the primary gathering spot for family and friends, so the kitchen often needs to be expanded and open to surrounding rooms.

So what should you focus on first if you’re doing a kitchen remodel? Start with focusing on the layout and design of the new kitchen. To begin, determine the appliances you want. If you are in love with a 48 inch wide Viking commercial range it will certainly affect the kitchen design options. Or, is your preference a cooktop with a separate double oven built into a tall kitchen cabinet?

Refrigerators come in many widths, depths, and heights. Common refrigerators today are 36” wide and 69-70” high but there are increasing numbers of compact size units for smaller kitchens. Using a 'cabinet depth' refrigerator will make the room feel larger since it does not protrude into the room as far. Having some seating area in the kitchen is a good idea even if you regularly eat in a more formal dining room. A snack bar or built-in table provides a space for guests and family to be in close proximity while you work on meal preparation. A place for the kids to do homework or you to pay bills. Although the sit-down desk is rare now having a designated spot for mail, keys, cell phones etc, is important to keep it off the main kitchen counters.

Well, there you have it! Now that you know where to start with your kitchen remodeling project, stayed tuned for part 2 of this blog post as we discuss lighting for your kitchen. As always, contact the kitchen remodelers you can trust at Allen Kitchen & Bath today if you are interested in having your kitchen remodeled.

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