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Winter Remodel Advantages!

SAVE on Winter Remodeling. While remodeling in the winter may not be your first thought, you should rethink that. There are many advantages to remodeling during the winter months.

  • Contractors and subcontractors have a lighter schedule in the winter months so they are more likely to be readily available when needed which can speed up your project. That applies to inspectors as well so we can move ahead quicker.

  • Vendors have better inventories. We see fewer back-orders in the winter months than spring through fall. And, the quality of the products is typically better since manufacturers are not trying to pump out way more than their staff can handle. This year we experienced not only back-orders of products but defects in the ones we did receive.

  • Better talent. During the rush months all contractors are adding extra staff that are not fully trained. During the winter we all focus on keeping the best of our staff so they are the ones that will be working on your home.

  • Sales and discounts are more likely since contractors and suppliers are trying to maintain sales levels. We offer FREE Demolition for projects starting before February so we can help fill in our schedule. Cabinet companies offer their best sales in November and December.

  • Cost increases. Every year manufacturers adjust their prices, mostly up. It is typical to see most price increases in early January so they are in place when sales take off in March and beyond. KraftMaid, Waypoint cabinets, Kohler, Mannington, Daltile, Florida Tile all announce price 'adjustments' in early January.

  • We review costs each December and make adjustments to our pricing for the coming year.

The collective discounts and sales can amount to several thousand dollars on a remodel project. One of our designers recently sold a kitchen remodeling project starting in January and between the cabinet discount and our FREE DEMOLITION they saved over $3,500.00!

Now, add to that the price increases that will occur in early January that will add hundreds more to your remodel project and you can see the Advantage of Winter Remodeling!

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