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Benefits of Tub to Shower Remodels

Believe it or not aging in place has become significantly popular in recent years, many people prefer to stay in the comfort of their own home. In fact, a study by the AARP reported 90% of people 65 or older would prefer to stay in their home rather than go to an assisted living facility. That being said we can face barriers to which our homes aren’t equipped to meet the aging in place safety standards. This is what brings me to tell you about tub to shower conversion in remodeling. Focusing on the benefits of this conversion and the fact that this remodel has significantly increased in today’s world. Bathtubs are not designed to be accessible especially the older you get, bathing can become very challenging with age, about 1/3 of senior injuries occur in the bathtub! Having the benefits of a tub to shower conversion give you piece of mind as you age that you will be able to access the space much easier and safer. Showers provide more flexibility for example, if a chair needed to be placed in there or your wheel chair had to be rolled in, it could be accommodated. With the flexibly and space in a shower; grab bars provide you the leverage to effectively get in and out of the shower safely, they are important during the remodel process to be able to have efficient mobility. Along with having grab bars hand held shower heads are rising in popularity because of the ability to move them however you want depending on height or the position you are in the shower, but also great for rising the shower each time. When converting to a shower it’s easier to clean and less maintenance than a tub setup. In conclusion the accessibility, safety, and easy maintenance of a shower are great reasons to make the conversion. At Allen Kitchen and Bath we have had many remodels that follow these guidelines with great success stories behind them! See below to read about a recent client we helped!

A client called and inquired about removing their parents bathroom tub and putting in a walk in shower. The parents are having a hard time getting in and out of the tub as they age and the children wanted to remodel the space for them so that it is safe and accessible to the parents, so that they are able to stay in the home for awhile. We took out the tub completely, replaced it with a shower pan and walls; easy to clean and wipe down! We incorporated grab bars at the entrance of the shower, but also the back wall of the shower for safety, but the horizontal bar served as storage for shampoo bottles. We incorporated a hand held adjustable shower head system with a lengthy cord which works great for showering if your standing or sitting down and rising the shower. The clients were so happy with the results and most importantly now that there is peace of mind that it is much more safe and accessible for them and they will be able to stay in their home longer and comfortable.




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