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What about LVT?

Luxury Vinyl Tile, or LVT, is becoming more popular as a home flooring option. LVT is indeed a vinyl product, but unlike sheet vinyl, it comes in individual pieces. As the name suggests, color patterns typically imitate the look of ceramic tile. However, this product is also available in several wood looks.

There are two ways LVT can be installed: floating or glued down. A floating floor is laid down on a substrate, perhaps even an existing floor, and is not adhered. While a glued down installation has the tiles affixed to the sub floor. A tile look can be achieved with either installation, however grout lines can only be done with the glued down method.

LVT is an extremely durable product. Its scratch resistant, stain resistant, water resistant, and easy to maintain. This material works well in high traffic areas of your home; such as the kitchen, bathroom, and entry ways. And the vast choice of looks will have you wanting this product throughout your entire home.

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