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Permit Could Save $1000's

A home owner came to us recently who just had their bathroom remodeled by another contractor. They showed us pictures of several quality issues that could be remedied without huge cost. But, the fact that the contractor had built the doorway to the bathroom 10" less than minimum code will require major cost to reconstruct.

Obviously, there was no building permit for the job. If there had been, the inspector would have caught this as framing was being done and the cost to correct would be much lower.

Allen Kitchen & Bath requires permits on every major project.

Why? Because it protects you, the home owner as well as our company.

Let me reiterate a couple points from a previous article I did on permits.

  1. Require the contractor to obtain the permit; do not take it out yourself. This will make certain that the contractor you chose has a license AND that he carries the necessary insurances including worker's compensation. Contractors cannot obtain permits without both.

  2. Worker's Compensation Insurance is a major expense for contractors and many do not have this coverage. In that case, you as the homeowner bear the cost of any injury the contractor or his staff would incur. This would also include payment for lost time working.

  3. At a time you sell your home you may be required to evidence any work done and whether a permit was obtained.

Get the permit! It is a very small cost in a remodel project and will offer you comfort of mind and could save you $1000's.

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