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$ $ $ Up & Up!

As you are well aware, prices of nearly everything have been going up. We have certainly seen price changes on most, if not all, of the products we sell. Kohler has sent 2 price increases this year, Tile, LVT flooring, cabinets and countertop materials have all increased about 8% since January. Shower doors increased 30% 2 weeks ago. Sub contractors have raised their pricing and we have raised wages for out staff in order to stay competitive and not lose anyone. Fuel costs have added an extra burden for all of us, especially on commercial vehicles that get about 10-12 mpg.

I do think that some companies are taking advantage and raising prices more than justified.

Our Corian supplier moved the freight rate from $120 to $800 per shipment. That is not justifiable!

I have experienced the inflationary times in the late 70's and early 80's. Running a business is difficult enough without having to be changing pricing weekly.

We have added new suppliers to keep pricing in check wherever possible and still insuring they are quality and long lasting. Durasein solid surfacing is the same chemical makeup as Corian and there pricing is lower and delivery is $35. We added Durato LVP flooring made in Brooklyn, NY. It is all made in the US and less money than Mannington Adura. We have added Delta Faucets since they promised only one price change in July.

I just finished repricing site work to incorporate the 6% pay increase we provided our staff. (It is less than inflation over the past year but hopefully enough) Most site work tasks include materials and labor. I found that most of the lumber and trim pricing actually declined from last June. That reduction helped temper the changes.

We are making every effort to control pricing to keep your remodel project as affordable as we can.

Gary Allen


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