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Tile & Flooring

Flooring- carpet is out and hard surfaces are in!

Our most popular flooring now is Mannington Adura which is available in wood grain planks or tile squares and rectangles. 

Porcelain tile floors take about 35% of the bath floor market but only 20% or so of the kitchen floor market. 

Wood flooring has rebounded after being replaced by carpet years ago.

Wall Tile- The new photo realistic stone and wood grained tile has added a fresh look to tile. 

Tile is definitely the most popular wall surfacing material for bath and shower walls offering durability and timeless appearance. Consider using the new urethane premixed grouts since they are non porous and more resilient than the cement based grouts of old.

Shower Walls

Tile is definitely the most popular wall surfacing for tub and shower walls. 

The appearance is notably different using a 3x6 subway tile vs a 12x24 stacked tile. 

Vertical or horizontal accent rows and columns add visual appeal.

Backsplash Tile

Adding glass, stone, porcelain or metal tiles to the kitchen backsplash is both beautiful and practical. 

Blends of natural stone and glass are very popular and make a striking statement.

We recommend using a urethane grout because they are non porous and tend to have reduced cracking. 

Adura Flooring

Adura and Adura Prime are the fastest growing products in the flooring market. 

The appeal for these luxury vinyl products is a combination of low maintenance, durability, appearance and ease of installation. Select from tile looks that are installed with tight joints or use the urethane grouts for a true tile look. With either option you get the beauty of tile without the cold, hard feel under your feet!

The wood grain strips will fool the best woodworker. 

Adura can be installed over many existing surfaces, therefore not needing removal and new underlay.  A savings of time and money.

Use in kitchens, baths and any other room in your home. 

Wood Flooring

Wood flooring has regained its appeal after the wall to wall carpet craze.  Prefinished solid or engineered wood flooring is most popular but we do a significant amount of sand-in-place wood floors also. Many of those sand-in-place floors are salvaged from under that wall to wall carpeting. We can even repair missing pieces before refinishing.

Tile Floors

Many people still prefer porcelain or stone tile for their flooring. The most popular size tile currently is either 12x24 or 18x18. Of course if you are doing a retro look in a bathroom the octagon mosaic is probably the choice.

Tile is durable but also fragile. It requires a sturdy base of at least 1'' thickness but we prefer 1 1/4". Any flexing or unevenness will result in cracking.

We offer Daltile, Florida and Trends among others.

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