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Customer's Comments

Hi Natalie, hope all is well with you.  Don't know if you remember me but last year May/June,  you and Laree came to my house and we had you redesign my main bathroom.  I questioned the fact that both of you said that it didn't matter if we kept the bathtub and that for our safety at our age a walk in shower would be much more practical.  Took me a bit to agree but finally did.  Just wanted to say thank you to both of you because, sure enough, Dave fell 3 weeks ago and broke his hip.  It will be so much easier and safer when he comes from Rehab to use the shower.  So glad I finally listened to both of you.  Your advice was spot on. Just wanted both of you to know what a difference you made to us for that suggestion.

--Pam and Dave


I am very pleased with how my mother's kitchen has turned out. It is not easy coordinating a DIY effort with contractors from 900 miles away. Joe Mendleski is to be commended for his design, help, and recommendation of Selwood Plumbing. Everything was on schedule and met or exceeded expectations. My parents were particularly impressed with the crew that installed the countertop. I highly recommend AKB.


I am writing this letter to compliment you and your staff on your outstanding services. We had gone to another design company and actually gave them three tries to design our kitchen were very disappointed in their lack of follow-through and professionalism, so one day we walked into your show room and were immediately impressed with al of your staff.

First of all I was greeted very professionally by Sidsel who continued to provide outstanding assistance throughout the  whole process, and then we met with Joe Mendleski. He not only proved to be a top notch designer who was very experienced and knowledgeable, but was a professional from the start and maintained this demeanor throughout, even when we were nervous about specific trim pieces or timing issues. We have never met a more competent person who was not only skilled at listening patiently to what we both wanted, but consistently came through with solutions to all of our dilemmas with a calm confidence. He was available for all of our questions and concerns and even came out  to the house when we were concerned about a construction issue. We think so highly of Joe that we would encourage others to go to him.

In addition to working with Joe, we were very pleased with the exceptional work done by carpenter Jim. He was not only pleasant to have in our home but was also exceedingly respectful of our property and kind to our daughter as well. His work was of superior quality! He exceeded all of our expecations and even made suggestions to Joe when he felt something had been overlooked.

It is this type of service and quality that will have us recommending your business to all of our fiends and associates. Thank you very much.

I am writing to extend my compliments and thanks for the outstanding job now nearly completed by your staff in my home. It was with great trepidation and significant anxiety that I underook a major renovation of both my kitchen and bath at the same time. A creature of habit who sustains myself despite a hectic and stressful job with quiet, peaceful time a thome, I was very anxious about undertaking what I have heard many others describe as one of the most stressful and difficult remodelling projects to be done. My family and firends had shared many horror stories about these sorts of projects usually ending with "it almost drove me crazy but in the end, if you survive, it will be worth it."

In addition, I had a major family event planned at my home for May 24th and needed absolute confidence that the projects would either be completed in entirety by then or not started until after the date.

Without exception, all aspects of this project have been minimally stressful to me and my housemate, undertaken with outstanding professionalism and competence and completed to our greatest satisfaction. We met Julia at the home show in Madison and immediately felt a sense of rapport with and trust in her. She listened, heard what we said and understood our tastes and lifestyles. She then with amazinging and impressive skill designed a kitchen and bath that exceeded our greatest expecations. We trusted her to make the decisions and put the projects together and she did so calmly, professionally, and with kind support to both of us. Her talent, knowledge, and interpersonal skills are outstanding.

Paul was the lead carpenter on the project and Dave his assistant. Both were creative, detail oriented, highly skilled and consummate professionals. Their motivation to provide excellence in their work from the smallest minutiae to the larger projects was obvious throughout their tenure here. In addition, they were thougtful above and beyond our expectations or hope. THey were thougful and attentive, ever considerate of our need to continue living in this space while it was undergoing major renovation. Not once did they leave the place messy, dusty, or cluttered. And on the final day of the project, they even moved our kitchen table from the guestroom back to our now completed kitchen. While these sorts of projects certainly cause some degree of disruption in daily life, the disruption to us was organized, anticipated, and kept to a minimum. 

Paul, Dave, and Julia were consistently available and communicated with clarity and honesty. This also made this experience more manageable. They answered our questions, addressed our concerns, and kept us informed. In every aspect with every interaction, all three conveyed an outstanding understanding of excellent customer service. We now have a lovely new kitchen and bath. Enjoying the renovations is made even sweeter with the positive experences we had from the beginning to the end of this project.
Please relay our gratest complements on their work as well as our sincere thanks and apprectiaon to Julia, Paul, and Dave. It is becauseof outstanding employees such as these individuals that we will enthusiastically recommend your company without reservation to our family, friends, and associates.

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