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Trusted Remodeling Contractors in Madison & Brookfield WI


Allen Kitchen & Bath in Brookfield & Madison, WI provide complete remodeling for all interior residential projects. Each showroom has exceptional carpenters on staff and trade partners for all aspects of your remodel project.


After you and your designer have finalized the design and product selections, our purchasing staff will arrange for delivery. Then our project coordinator will obtain the needed building permits and schedule our crews.


Inspections are required for any structural changes, electrical, plumbing and ductwork changes. We will ensure that all work has passed inspection before drywalling. 


While we try to minimize time between steps there are some aspects that require some delay such as inspections, countertop fabrication and shower doors.


Your Designer will review the progress of your job during construction and be available to answer any questions you, the installers, suppliers and coordinator may have.


We appreciate that no matter how quickly the project flows it is still a major disruption to your daily lives.


We welcome customers who plan to do part or all of the remodeling work themselves. Our Designer will work  with you on the design and product selections the same as if it is a complete remodel.  And, you have our talented staff available for advice if needed.


We provide you with a COMPLETE PRICE- not just an estimate with allowances that change later. If changes are required due to hidden issues, they are done at actual cost without markup.

Here are estimates of projects we do routinely. Keep in mind that every project is different and costs may not fall in this range.

  • Kitchen Remodel        $35,000 to $150,000

  • Bathroom Remodel    $18,000 to   $50,000

  • Master Bath Remod   $25,000 to $100,000

  • Add Basement Bath   $25,000 to   $40,000

  • Kitchen Tops                 $5,000 to   $25,000

  • Tub to Shower            $15,000 to   $20,000

  • Basement Buildout    $50,000 to $150,000

  • Staircase Remod       $10,000 to    $25,000

  • Flooring                        $2,000 to    $50,000

  • First Floor Remodel  $90,000 to  $200,000

  • Laundry-Mud Room   $15,000 to   $50,000


Wisconsin requires every contractor to warrant their work for one full year. Allen Kitchen & Bath provides you with a second full year for added piece of mind.


Allen Kitchen & Bath has consistently ranked in the TOP 500 REMODELERS in the United States. 

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